João Pedro Faro

João Pedro Faro is interested in both dissonant and harmonizing experiences between image (textures, resolutions, shapes) and sound (pitches, melodies, scratches).

João Pedro Faro is currently taking a History degree and making films, mostly narrative approaches towards experimental processes. The non-archival work is all shot on a HD camcorder (HMX-F80) and shot with a zero-budget (Sombra, Extremo Ocidente, love love eutanásia).

love love eutanásia

HD Video / 04:14 min / 2021

Finding something familiar in the screen.

´alf` star caught in crack house

HD Video / 01:21 min / 2020

Archival work through a private/public moment of intimacy

yomikiri romance (伊藤晴雨Itō seiu)

HD Video / 02:15 min / 2020

Archival work with excerpts from an old and forgotten magazine.