João Pedro Faro

João Pedro Faro

João Pedro Faro is interested in both dissonant and harmonizing experiences between image (textures, resolutions, shapes) and sound (pitches, melodies, scratches).

João Pedro Faro is currently taking a History degree and making films, mostly narrative approaches towards experimental processes. The non-archival work is all shot on a HD camcorder (HMX-F80) and shot with a zero-budget (Sombra, Extremo Ocidente, love love eutanásia).

love love eutanásia

HD Video / 04:14 min / 2021

Finding something familiar in the screen.

´alf` star caught in crack house

HD Video / 01:21 min / 2020

Archival work through a private/public moment of intimacy

yomikiri romance (伊藤晴雨Itō seiu)

HD Video / 02:15 min / 2020

Archival work with excerpts from an old and forgotten magazine.