Jessie Growden

Jessie Growden

I work in video and words to explore place, landscape, objects, and personal experience, through playful and structural approaches with a feminist perspective.

My work explores place, landscape and personal experiences through playful and also structural approaches to recording and presenting images. Focusing on objects, both the sentimental and the throwaway, and the history and lives of things and places, I look to create work both autobiographical and performative. While exploring the local and personal through a feminist lens, I aim to preserve these objects and places, while questioning what they really say to and about us. I work mainly in video, and also use sculpture, drawing and writing in my practice.

After I graduated with a degree in textile design, I started making films in 2014, as part of an Alchemy Film & Arts initiative, into which grew the Moving Image Makers Collective, of which I’m a founding member. I’m based in the Scottish Borders, and often make work around the landscapes, customs, and traditions of the area.

I’m Not From Here

HD Video / 11:59 min / 2022

03:04 min excerpt

A collection of found labels from within the old Peter Scott factory, Hawick, Scotland. A story, a list, some thoughts on one woman’s experience in the place.


HD Video / 07:40 min / 2020