Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin’s work operates in part as interventions and articulations of social-racial dynamics and lived experiences.

Jennifer Martin is based in London, working with moving image, photography and installation. A driving question of Martin’s recent artwork involves the role of art and media, in the social and psychological construction of race and citizenship and its intersection with agency, nostalgia, and identification. In working with performers for moving image, she employs a methodology of rehearsal, improvisation, and negotiation of narrative in unpacking character, language, and context.

Jennifer Martin is a graduate of the Royal College of Art (2018) and the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (2013). Jennifer Martin was awarded the Stuart Croft Foundation Education Award 2018, is artist-in-residence at Kingsgate Workshops 2019/20 and is part of the FLAMIN Fellowship 2019. Upcoming solo exhibitions and commissions include Primary, Nottingham, UK (2019); Turf Projects, London, UK (2019); Cypher BILLBOARDS, London, UK (2019). Recent group exhibitions include Aesthetica Art Prize, York, UK (2019); arebyte Gallery, London, UK (2018); Lychee One Gallery, London, UK (2017); and Fundación Botín, Santander, ES (2015).

Meanwhile on Set…

HD Video / 15:00 min / 2018

‘Meanwhile on Set…’ centres conditions of acting for British black and black bi-/multi-racial actresses. Actors veer from the filmmaking process, question the context of their surroundings, breakdown, and misbehave like viruses disrupting a system.