Jacob Dwyer

Jacob Dwyer

Moving between film, video, audio and writing, Jacob Dwyer creates characters who harness the position of the outsider.

Jacob Dwyer (1988 London) is an artist and writer based in Amsterdam. He has completed a masters in Experimental Film at Kingston University and a residency at De Ateliers. His work has been shown in art spaces and film festivals including, IFFR (Rotterdam), IDFA (Amsterdam), Good Children (New Orleans), BALTIC 39 (Newcastle) and Galerie Juliette Jongma (Amsterdam). He has completed a residency at Deltaworkers (New Orleans) where he shot ‘DAT LIKWID LAND’ and ‘Donovan Garcia’. And is currently working on a radio play that was produced earlier this year on residency at Rupert (Lithuania).


HD Video / 11:23 min / 2018

Upon entering the small town of Troy, Idaho, we are greeted by a large satellite dish. Painted onto the dish is the cartoon face of a trojan and coming out of it’s left nostril is the satellite’s antenna. Over the course of a week we continue returning to the dish until it slowly begins to gain both more and less meaning.


HD Video / 29:48 min / 2017

As a quest to identify a man whose notebook we discovered in a bus station leads us through a city, we move from cemeteries to Cypress swamps. The mans name is Ignatius and with the words of this self proclaimed outsider as our agent we too can approach subjects from elsewhere. The film was shot in New Orleans and grew out of an exploration into the relationship between John Kennedy Toole and the main character of his novel, A Confederacy of Dunces; a work that only gained acclaim after the authors suicide. DAT LIKWID LAND investigates the creation of a fictional outsider as an attempt to disrupt ones casual cosmos and the municipality of meanings.

IFFR, Rotterdam, NL, 2017 (World premiere)
KINO DER KUNST, International Competition, Munich, 2017
Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, 2017
BALTIC 39, Newcastle, UK, 2017
Filet, London, 2017
Arts Estuary, New Orleans, 2017
Island, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2017

Donovan Garcia

HD Video / 08:23 min / 2016

‘Donovan Garcia’ was shot throughout one day on a trip to the Jean Lafitte Swamps just outside. New Orleans. As a voice from behind the lens attempts to document the trip, the presence of another man, whom we’ve been told is with us, comes into question. His name is Donovan Garcia. Who is he? Does he even exist? Or is he perhaps just a device through which everyday behaviour is taken beyond its casual remit on account of being done by him. The work was produced whilst on the Deltaworkers residency (New Orleans) and was supported by Mondriaan Fonds.