6×6 project is an online artists’ community that serves as a platform for promoting and distributing artists’ moving image works, and to create an ever growing network among peers. The 6×6 project is intended as a tool to address pertinent questions regarding the dissemination of artists’ works in digital form.
6×6 project partners with ascribe.io, a Berlin based, blockchain technology company that allows artists to define unique digital limited editions. Each edition will have an entry on the blockchain with a private key (cryptographic ID) that can be tracked, and which proves the assurance of authenticity. You can be confident that you are buying authentic work that came directly from the artist.
The blockchain is a secure public database and isn’t stored in any single location. It is a decentralized registry that keeps records of digital transactions. What has been written to the blockchain is permanent, and cannot be deleted.
When the transaction is done, we will send you a confirmation email. Within 1–3 days, we will transfer the ownership to the email address you have registered with us when you submitted your order. You will receive an email notification, which will confirm that the edition is available to be viewed and/or downloaded in your account. Your account includes the edition provenance, and a Certificate of Authenticity that you can print out. For more information, please check our Terms of Purchase here.
Immediately after you complete your purchase you will be redirected to your member’s account dashboard where you can watch the video for the rental period. If you are a new member you will also receive an email with a link to your account.

If you have any questions or concerns please email: info@6x6project.com.