Ibai Hernandorena

Ibai Hernandorena

Through a multidisciplinary practice, Ibai Hernandorena explores the notion of movement by establishing different translations: physical, mental, material and visual.

Ibai Hernandorena’s work focuses on the notion of modernity and in the utopias it generates until they fade through time. In this sense, he explores an uncomfortable and fugitive area, dealing with ruins, memories of a landscape, a city, a dwelling. Throughout his work, what seems familiar to us, escapes us and transforms itself.

Ibai Hernandorena exhibited at the MAK Center, Los Angeles; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Fabrica i Coats, Barcelona; APAP2010 festival, Anyang, South Korea; Laurence Bernard Gallery, Geneva; Villa Arson, Nice. He was recently nominated for the France Foundation’s public space sculpture commission in Bordeaux, France.


HD Video / 13:29 min / 2017

Lucio is inspired by Lucio Urtubia, Basque-born forger anarchist living in Paris, who planned to devalue the dollar in the 1960s. The dialogue that appears through subtitles on the screen, is combined by a sequence shot of a very large cargo boat loaded with a thousand tons of goods. “Lucio” raise questions about the actual state of our economical world.

Usages of Times

HD Video / 11:10 min / 2016

Shot at the Nice sky observatory in France, “Usages of Times” shows architectures used to look at the stars at the end of the 19th century and how they are used. As observation tools, these architectures are only materialized theories. One observation can confirm or invalidate an earlier one by transcending the present. Like in a conical hut, this video tries to place us between earth and sky and questions our presence to the world as well as our gaze on it.

Principle of Inertia

HD Video /  23:00 min / 2016

“Principle of Inertia” raises the question of the moving object and its trajectory. It brings parallels about our perception of movement in relation to space and time. The film portrays two dragster motorcycle pilots, a father and his daughter, who came to take part in a motorcycle competition that runs for two days. It shows their search for an always greater acceleration.