Fabrizio Previti

Fabrizio Previti

Fabrizio Previti is a visual artist working at the inter- sections that link storytelling and self-reflection.

Fabrizio Previti is an Italian artist living in London. He obtained a three-year degree from DAMS in Bologna (2019), continuing his academic career with a master's degree in fine arts from Goldsmiths University (2023). He deals with photography, videography and sculpture. As a visual artist, he proposes a reflection on Identity and Image. His narrative style uses photo novels and video essays. His latest body of work interrogates the hierarchy between narrator and spectators, the nature of the device, and the prosthetic relations between humans and technology. Shifting away from strict modalities and temporalities of storytelling, Pre- viti explores the transformative potentialities of story-making. In this context, through experimentation between photography, video art, and writing, the artist interplays with the audience in a conversation about representation.


HD Video / 08:46 min / 2023

“Chiarchiàro” is a Sicilian word that outlines a space si- milar to a cave or ravine where only wildness can grow between rocks and brooms. The video shows a story comparable to a dream, interplaying different characters enacting a series of silent actions.