Elisabeth Molin

Elisabeth Molin

Elisabeth Molin’s work deals with slips in perception, time warps and bodily displacements; often materialized as video, photography, installation and performance.

Elisabeth Molin studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and MA Photography at Royal College of Art in London. She has recently shown work at Wiels in Brussels, Sundy in London, Sixty Eight Institute in Copenhagen, Austrian Cultural Forum in London and MAW, ISCP and Columbia University in New York. Elisabeth Molin has shown her videos at part of the 32nd Images Festival in Toronto, the 31 Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Stuttgart and the 7th Medrar Video Festival in Cairo. She has been awarded residencies at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, The Danish Cultural Institute in Rome and and at ISCP in New York.

Eyelid and Dragon Boy

HD Video / 07:48 min / 2017

“Eyelid and Dragon Boy” is inspired by an encounter with a person who is 90% blind. This meeting made me reflect and write about the nature of vision today, how it is considered the primary sense and how technology forefronts vision to other senses. The writing draws parallels between the body and the screen, between the camera as device for recording reality and its failure to do so. The video is recorded in Spain where I met the character and is partly shot through his monocular – a device that he uses for navigating.


HD Video / 06:52 min / 2017

The video depict close up images of ants walking on sculptural ruins, namely on the face, neck and shoulders of these. The video was made after discovering that there is a giant ant colony underneath the Acropolis. I observed their patterns, how they appeared and disappeared into the ground. Eventually I lured them to walk on the sculptural ruins.