Eleni Tomadaki

Eleni Tomadaki

Using moving image, performance and text, my work researches Scurgriness through intersecting fiction and reality.

I am a Greek artist based in London. Using critical (semi)autobiography, subjectivity, subjective objectivity, humour and fiction as methods, I invent lacks, or shall I name them places, in this perfectly complete language, society, law. I am a graduate of Royal College of Art 2019, I have shown work at Tate St Ives, South London Gallery, Uppsala Art Museum and Assembly Point amongst others.

Mum I’m Scurgry

HD Video / 06:40 min / 2019

‘Mum I’m Scurgry’ aims to access the innocence and vulgarity of a pre-oral knowledge, partly conscious and partly unconscious.

animation & direction: Eleni Tomadaki, sound: Eleni Papalitsa

The Chair

HD Video / 00:39 min / 2019


HD Video / 00:54 min / 2019

You Are Mine

HD Video / 04:22 min / 2018

A film that explores the interrelation between sovereignty and love.