Cos Ahmet

Cos Ahmet

My work is preoccupied by the body enacting sculptural gestures through the works I create, articulated through sculpture, installation, video, performance and collaboration.

Cos Ahmet’s recent works enquire into body-material interventions. With an interest in the creation and use of props, or the ‘choreographic object’, they are activated through the action of performance. Tropes that suggest the corporeal have consisted of; erasing or distorting the human subject, the body disappearing inside a form, and material acting as a second skin.

When the moving image, performance and collaboration rub up against the sculptural elements in his practice, these body-material-objects shift from the physical into the digital. Ahmet regards the video screen and the projected image as a viable ‘part-material’, stating that it acts as a supplementary membrane that serves as this ‘other mutual layer’ that mixes with the body-material matters in his practice.

Curious Being

HD Video / 12:34 min / 2020

02:00 min excerpt


HD Video / 15:00 min / 2021

02:04 min excerpt - Collaboration with Gary Finnegan

Your Normal Surface Is Not Available

HD Video / 04:55 min / 2021

01:50 min excerpt

A Meniscus (Between)

HD Video / 05:00 min / 2021

02:00 min excerpt