Ben Caro & Kat Cutler-MacKenzie

Caro and Cutler-MacKenzie’s practice draws upon techniques from experimental archaeology, and pedagogic forms of communication, to examine alternate methods of knowledge formation and transmission.

Ben Caro (b. London, 1998) and Kat Cutler-MacKenzie (b. Belfast, 1997) share a collaborative artistic practice that draws upon techniques from experimental archaeology — in which found objects are re-cast or re-performed to unlock tacit histories, and pedagogic methods of communication — such as the 35mm slide lecture or ‘lecture performance’. As the duo are also both trained art historians — with a combined background in archaeology, cinema, historical re-enactment, and feminist theory — their artworks can be understood as a form of practice-based research. Their collaborative work seeks to explore the intertwined practices of museology, archaeology and art through moving image and the (re-)construction of negative space.

The duo currently live and work in Edinburgh, where they share a studio at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Caro and Cutler-MacKenzie graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2021 with an MA Fine Art. They have exhibited work at Talbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh), R.E.M Space (Istanbul), Vent Space (Tallinn) and Crate Studios (Margate).

Staging a Gaze

Dual channel 35mm slide projection, 162 slides / 11:43 min / 2021


Single channel slide projection, 81 slides / 04:14 min / 2020