We call her Pulle by Nina Mangalanayagam

We call her Pulle by Nina Mangalanayagam

‘We call her Pulle’ focuses on the artist’s relationship to her aunt, Pulle, and their relationship to the camera. Pulle lives on the Jaffna peninsula in Sri Lanka, where Nina’s father was born. She traveled there after the civil war there had ended, and before that she had little relationship to her aunt and to Sri Lanka.

The completed artwork aims to contest ideas of origin and the stories we construct about ourselves, and to question assumptions and attitudes that Nina has brought with her from her European background. It questions the ways in which we build an image of our past and ourselves, through our parents’ memories, historical narratives and visual framing. The stories Nina’s late father told her does not correspond to the stories she is told now, or to Jaffna after the destruction of war. Her aunt’s experience can never give her an understanding of her father or her place of origin.

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3 Channel HD Video / 22:00 min / 2015

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