v.xx (Dyslexic Odin) by Anne Haaning

v.xx (Dyslexic Odin) by Anne Haaning

‘v.xx (Dyslexic Odin)’ is a video/installation that cultivates the ephemeral. The video is part of a durational process; throughout the exhibition period this was emphasised by a log of the changes made to the video. The log comprises notes of both technical and personal character, adding up to a confessional document. It both describes the effects desired and the artist’s falling short in realising them through the constant re-evaluation of the work. The title v.xx references the labelling format in digital production, indicating that all versions are equally relevant and that it is in the end the decisions made between them that is important.

Birds are a symbol of transition and wisdom in Norse myth. The video plays on the desire for transition and wisdom inherent in digital culture. By referencing becoming-bird and obtaining the divine ability to fly through an array of digital compositions it renders digital transformation as valid as any other kind.

Originally exhibited as an installation: Stuffed raven, cardboard, pins, hair clips, printer, paper.

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Video / Dimensions variable / 2014

Limited Edition of 10

Available Edition 1 of 10 — Price Upon Request

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