Untitled_in_case_01 by Markus Oberndorfer

Untitled_in_case_01 by Markus Oberndorfer

“Untitled_in_case_01” is the first of 7 short photofilms that document interventions in urban and suburban space, it‘s architecture, function, mystic and re-dedication. Snap-shots and conquests of space borrowing visual dynamics of ego-shooter computer games.

Untitled_in_case consists out of 2000 photographs. Each photo has been taken by consciously pressing the trigger. Motion blurs are the result of longtime exposures. The audio has been taken from an a-d-a-p-t-e-r live performance. The film has been shown at festivals, in selected cinemas in Austria as supporting film for the documentary „China Blue“ and in exhibitions. It is connected to a series of photographs called „Traces” and has been awarded the Docuzone Short Film Award in 2006.

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HD Video / 03:18 / 2006

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