Trapped in a glaze like in fossilised amber by Finn Wagner

Trapped in a glaze like in fossilised amber by Finn Wagner

The video installation “trapped in a glaze like in fossilised amber” by Finn Wagner deals with the unconscious psychological effects of the seductivness of glossiness. He employs elements of advertisement and satisfying videos on the internet. In Los Angeles Wagner built real objects and staged them in idyllic, commercial- and Insagram-like locations, this footage is connected with 3D-animated images. Archaic landscapes of the desert let the artificial objects appear technical sovereign and pure, like in a car commercial. The animations visualize crafts and their processes that are necessary to add glaze to an object. This virtual handicraft with its visually fulfilling, surface-changing reactions on materials, contrasts with real processes such as the lacquering layers of high-gloss on a matt car. The central video piece is flanked by two large, partially sandblasted panes of glass, behind the glass there are two rotating prints like in the advertisement in metro stations.

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HD Video / 08:10 min / 2019

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