The squad by Luciana Kaplun

The squad by Luciana Kaplun

In the project ‘The Squad’, Luciana Kaplun integrates elements of personal memory with the history of different but very similar countries: the twenty-one-year experience of living in the native land of the legendary Che Guevara is brought into an analogy with Israeli mythologisation of the heroism of guerrilla groups and subversive actions in ghettos, and culminates in the renewed interest in investigating partisanship, which has been experiencing a new upsurge in Slovenia over the recent years. The manifestations of partisanship among the youth that was born too late to be given an opportunity to directly identify with the partisans led the author to research the homage to one of the most spectacular battles of the World War II in Yugoslavia, the film ‘Battle of Neretva’.

As the bearer of an idealised aesthetic form legitimising the power of the ruling elite after the war, it served the artist as the starting point of re-enactment, while the differences between the two existing film versions provided her with the cause. For the screening (of shots cut out for the shorter English version) she engaged Memorial Company Under the Sun of Freedom.

The resulting videos Audition and Script Reading do not seek the reasons for carrying the partisan spirit into the present. In the aforementioned videos, individuals assume their respective roles in relation to the film story and, indeed, renew the dialogues and reconstruct the scenes, but nevertheless remain stuck in the present, with their performance turning into a series of repetitive rhythmic acts that are becoming meaningless and speech morphing into a string of unrelated words. Kaplun, however, goes even further by also leaving bare all the used media and narrative structures of the film.

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Two channel HD Video / Sound / 14:33 min / 2015

Limited Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Available Edition 1 of 5 — Price Upon Request

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