The meaning of the wild by Lizzy Rose

The meaning of the wild by Lizzy Rose

The meaning of the wild, a video showing students at the Ohara School in Tokyo Japan, attempting to master the art of arranging flowers called Ikebana, an art form which is over 600 years in the development. The video’s narration – half instructional, half philosophical inquiry attempts to guide us through the meaning of these actions accompanied by text from The art of flower arrangement, a book teaching Amercian home makers a simplified version of this complex art form. Pure Ikebana is more precise, combining geometry and natural forms; the wildness of nature meeting rational aesthetics.  By replicating landscape it aims to create a transformative space that evokes which is described as a kind of spirituality, or sacred place. The work explores landscape, form, magic and the pursuit of knowledge between cultures.

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HD Video / 08:52 min / 2018

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