The Green and Pleasant Land by Max Colson

The Green and Pleasant Land by Max Colson

Taking as its subject different perceptions of the British landscape, this short animated film is a roaming exploration of national identity and collective history set in a post-Brexit environment. Using a 3D model of the United Kingdom, a variety of visual scenarios – poignant, nostalgic and absurd – are enacted using a ‘live’ animation technique. These scenes draw directly on user comments found below the line of videos and online newspaper articles concerning the English and British countryside.

What emerges is a meditation on the British landscape – both as an imaginary vision and as a new world digitally constructed. “The Green and Pleasant Land” is a site where opinion, memory, history and highly charged emotion are given form, and are opened up for discussion and critique. The film had its World Premiere at the Sheffield Doc Fest in 2018.

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HD Video / 13:31 min / 2017

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