The Five Senses by Iria Vrettou

The Five Senses by Iria Vrettou

This project is constructed as a poetic-visual reflection on atmospheres, bodies and systems of co-existence as discussed in Michel Serres’s seminal work, ‘Les Cinq sens’. Allusions to his writings are cross-referenced with mythological material and contemporary visual resonances. It is a project that undertakes the challenge of osmotic synthesis, ‘the mingling of bodies’ via source research (the philosopher’s theory on science, culture and time), visual interpretation (design & moving image tactics) & sensorial response (installation specifics). It is also an attempt to understand Serres’s effort to liberate, redeem the body from its subordination to language and the critique of a word-become-flesh order.

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HD Video / 05:06 min / 2018

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