The Confrontation by Sabina Jacobsson

The Confrontation by Sabina Jacobsson

In «The Confrontation» Jacobsson plays with one of the episodes from David Lynch’s TV-series Hotel Room (1993). The severe plot and the fundamental consequences of the main character’s reactions, is being served to us with laughter accompanied by experimental sound and music. A third out in the video the lover’s former lover, Marius, lies on the hotel bed of the main character and reads aloud from Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae. This reference enlightens the artwork’s theme as well as the artist’s method. Through personal studies of other artist’s works, Sabina Jacobsson presents an image on our own ability and will to exclude our fellow humans. The art work’s theme exceeds an interpersonal level when the drama is set in a homosexual context and we sense the contours of systemized exclusion.
(Extract from a text by Eva Løveid Mølster – Art Philosopher)

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HD Video / 15:00 min / 2014

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