The automatic part by Ivo Aichenbaum

The automatic part by Ivo Aichenbaum

In order to visit his father, who works as a doctor in Israel after his economic exile in 2001, Ivo Aichenbaum accepts to take part of a free cultural tour with a group of young Jews. With his portable camera, he records this experience and as a result we get a reflexive travel diary. “The automatic part” combines the oddness of the meeting of a son with his father and a tour that seems to be done to generate cohesion within the Judaism.

Built on a critical as well as unsettling point of view, this film discusses topics such as inheritance, identity, ideology and love, trough a constant exploration of both the individual and collective origins of the Judaism and the left wings politics. The title of the film, “The automatic part”, refers to a children’s game that works as a means of creating identity as a son and as a filmmaker.

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Video / 01:02:00 min / 2012

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