Tha-at’s right by Rowland Hill

Tha-at’s right by Rowland Hill

‘Tha-at’s right’ is a response to an idiosyncratic review of Stravinsky’s final ballet Agon, written by dance critic and poet Edwin Denby in 1959. Shot on 16mm, the film takes this review as a choreographic script for a new performance by interpreting Denby’s outlandish metaphorical descriptions of dance and music literally. This process of translation was realised collaboratively for camera with three dancers and a small ensemble.

‘…a seemingly disconnected parade of musical and choreographic gestures that swing – like Denby’s prose – between baroque grace and withering bathos. It’s funny – but more than that, it raises questions about translation, the fitness of words to sounds or movements, the role of criticism, and the authority of the score.’
— The Wire, December 2018

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HD Video / 11:07 min / 2018

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