Tattered Rocks by Abigail Sidebotham

Tattered Rocks by Abigail Sidebotham

An artist film and musical proposition set in the surreal and exploited mineral landscape of an abandoned copper quarry in Wales. “Tattered Rocks” interweaves narrative forms of essay, documentary and fiction film, to explore aesthetics, and the technological sublime in contemporary reality, and presents music as a powerful sense dynamic existing outside the realms of human cognition.

Two artefacts found at the site of the copper quarry appear as motifs throughout the film; a plastic bottle shot through with bullets and the bone-like remains of a car steering wheel. Through the use of macro photography, special effects, and 3D scanning the objects are portrayed as archaeological finds, taking us from history to prediction and serving as a meditation on materiality, digitality and the sublime.

Appearing in part as documentary, the film depicts musician Aino Tytti and his assistant installing an instrument – comprising of a 100 metre piano wire – stretched out across the quarry. In an act of sonic archaeology, the instrument enables him to detect and harness hidden ancient sound frequencies.

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HD Video / 15:38 min / 2015

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