Somewhere in Between by Mirelle Borra

Somewhere in Between by Mirelle Borra

The video ‘Somewhere in Between’ reflects on the Indo diaspora after the decolonization of the Dutch East Indies (contemporary Indonesia). Hundreds of thousands of people of Eurasian heritage were forced to leave the country after the Bersiap period (the bloody separation between the Netherlands and its colony).

The narration of the video conflates a number of comments left on online Indo community networks. Shaped like a stream of thoughts — ‘Somewhere in Between’ highlights different aspects of the process to redefine identity and culture.

The starting point for ‘Somewhere in Between’ came from one of my favorite main courses on the menu of Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands. The dish is called rijsttafel (rice table) an elaborate meal with rice and many side dishes — the origin of the rijsttafel is colonial and it is no longer served in present-day Indonesia. It reveals how traces of the spice trade and three hundred years of a colonial past still remain present in Dutch society today.

‘Somewhere in Between’ is one narrative in an interchanging world of migratory experiences. These particular migrating stories re-contextualize the past and give us insight to the present.

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HD Video / Sound / 07:00 min / 2016

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