Skype Call by Karolina Raczynsk

Skype Call by Karolina Raczynsk

‘Skype Call’ explores the themes of identity, place, and the presence in the live, in which distance and contact play a central role. It has been previously carried out as a live performance in collaboration with my sister, Anna Raczynski and conducted simultaneously in front of an audience in London and Berlin using a webcam, more recently the transmission took place between London and Colne (Lancashire) as part of the ‘PORTRAITS’ programme organised by collective-iz at New River Studios, London. Influenced by Expanded Cinema and specifically Guy Sherwin’s ‘Paper Landscape’ 1975 (2016), this piece uses the liveness and immediacy of the Internet to close the space-time gap electronically.

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HD Video / 09:30 min / 2011

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