Schimogenesis by Mariken Kramer

Schimogenesis by Mariken Kramer

‘Schismogenesis’ is a two-channel video work. The first video shows a hand drawing up a line through space, a boundary. The second video is a stop motion animation, made up of pairs of words written on a blackboard seperated by mathematical symbols of comparison . Schismogenesis literally means “creation of division”. Within anthropology the concept was developed by Gregory Bateson in 1935 and accounted for how certain forms of relational and social processes lead to an increase in differentiation between groups and individuals. To categorize and differentiate is an integral part of how we understand / organize the world around us, but who is the “we” and the “I” that are drawn up? What are the possibilities of us ending up on the “wrong side” of the signs? And why do we need to mark boundaries?

‘Schismogenesis’ was part of the Norwegian Drawing Biennial in 2013, the exhibition SKULPTUR at RBS in London in 2015 and was aquired by KORO (Public Art Norway) for Hamar Culture House in 2014.

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Two channel HD Video / 01:00 min / Looped / 2011

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