Rhythming by Henry Bradley

Rhythming by Henry Bradley

‘Rhythming’ updates Harun Farocki’s ‘The Interview’ (1996), re-staging a Small Talk and Storytelling class for entrepreneurs on a specifically built stage in an old East German cotton-mill warehouse.

It highlights how practices of behavioural psychology and storytelling, commonly adopted by large scale advertising projects, have now become frequent practices by which the contemporary individual worker can sell and understand themselves. Throughout the video, the workers and the teacher collectively leave the set to go behind the stage, denaturalising the reality of the educational situation taking place as they change clothes for new scenes or get paid by the artist for their time and labor.

The video is to be accompanied by a performance lecture discussing its wider themes. In 2018 this was performed by the actor Juliane Elting, at HALLE14, Centre of Contemporary, Leipzig, 2018.

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HD Video / 28:16 min / 2018

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