relocation by Pieter Geenen

Emerging at dawn, the Ararat twin mountains seem to be in dialogue. Subtitles appear on screen as silent voices from the past. They stem from testimonies of survivors from both sides of the Turkish-Armenian conflict, from both sides of the mountains. The landscape speaks to the audience like a witness, and reveals the closed and military controlled border zone between both neighbours. The iconic, holy mountain, symbol of the Armenian nation and defining its identity, is now located right behind the closed border. While still dominating the landscape it is now part of Turkey. However, by digitally mirroring the image left and right switches as seen from Armenian perspective. It suggests a for them impossible view from the other side, referring to an era long gone, to times when historical Armenia was one. This simple gesture relocates both mountains and reverses as such the relocation during the 1915 genocide of the people living around them.

artwork info

HDV / colour / stereo / 23:20 min / 16:9 / 2011

Limited Edition of 5 + 5 AP

Available Edition 3 of 5 — Price Upon Request

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