Pusty Stan (Empty State) by Karolina Raczynsk

Pusty Stan (Empty State) by Karolina Raczynsk

The installation entitled ‘Pusty Stan / Empty State’ carried out together with artist filmmaker Anna Raczynski, is the outcome of a four-month research project that examined the process of change for people living and working on the street Święty Marcin in Poznań, Poland. One of the main issues that emerged from the many conversations collected over the period of the artist residency is that of vacant buildings, be it in the past, present or future. The material addresses the state of the city centre, the problem of empty buildings and the transformations of the main street. In light of this, the presentation took place in the form of a four-channel audio visual installation in the empty building of the former Raczynski library, currently one of several vacant buildings located on the street Święty Marcin.

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HD Video / 17:04 min / 2014

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