Permastress by Sophie Hoyle

Permastress by Sophie Hoyle

A single-screen version of a four-channel video installation, with Biofeedback equipment (Bitalino board, Galvanic Skin Response, Electrocardiogram [ECG]).

As part of Anxiety Disorder and PTSD and the medication they are currently on, the artist has to undergo regular health checks including ECG.

The order in which the video clips play is controlled by the anxiety levels in the artist’s body, measured in biofeedback data.

The numerical presentation of bodily indicators of Anxiety is in contrast to the content of the footage, which contains close-ups of embodied expressions of anxiety through facial expressions, body language and abstracted sounds.

This is a recording of the live data of the anxiety levels of the artist when worn during the private view of an exhibition opening.

Photograph by Rebecca Lennon

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HD Video / 01:35 min / 2016

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