Patterns of Inclusion by Mariken Kramer

Patterns of Inclusion by Mariken Kramer

‘Patterns of Inclusion’ investigates ideas of social inclusion and mechanisms of ex­clusion through the metaphor of a Norwegian children’s ring game. This game can be seen as a reflection of the individual as a social being, constantly striving to be part of the circle, part of the community. “Patterns of Inclusion” suggests the complexity of community feeling, with its promise of security, belonging and love, whilst also accommodating exclusion and sometimes even abuse.

The work is produced in collaboration with the artist run platform Tenthaus Oslo and together with students and teachers at Sofienberg Secondary School, a school with youth who have a minority background and short residence in Norway. Their participation in the project reflects their own social reality within the framework of Norwegian asylum and immigration policy.

‘Patterns of Inclusion’ was awarded the Annual Autumn Exhibition's Fineart Prize in 2013 and is on display at Bodø Police station in Norway after it was aquired by KORO (Public Art Norway) in 2014. It was also part of the exhibition “SKULPTUR” at RBS in London in 2015.

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Two channel HD Video / 09:00 min / Looped / 2013

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