No Wall is Ever Silent by collectif_fact

No Wall is Ever Silent by collectif_fact

The building, a former bank, holds the leading role, whilst voices of professionals with a unique perspective on the space encourage us to observe hidden details. A police inspector, a geobiologist (ghostbuster), a game designer and a specialist in modern architecture help us discover something only perceived by someone willing to break in. Through their eyes, we explore how built environment can be misused, as if every building was a spatial puzzle waiting to be solved.

Studying urban architecture the way a burglar, or anyone with a unique perspective on the space would see it, encourage us to observe what surround us and to dissect the built environment. This video make you look at architecture as nothing more than an obstacle that can be outwitted and undercut. It reflects on how urban landscape is configured and how it conditioned our behaviours. What does it mean to search for an alternative way to move through space or to search for what is usually hidden or invisible.

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HD Video / 12:20 min / 2017-18

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