Mother of Monsters by Anne Haaning

Mother of Monsters by Anne Haaning

‘Mother of Monsters’ peers into an infinite void of darkness. Quivering eyes observe from this glossy black space just as they do when you swirl down a continual stream of data and selfies—between the unknown territories of islands glowing eerily in the dark. Almost as Marlow traveling up the Congo River deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness itself, spied on from the impenetrable jungle behind thick fog, surrounded by the trembling of distant foreign noises, eerie, alluring and evocative.

Anne Haaning's computer-animated ‘Mother of Monsters’ conjures up a kind of digital myth, and is loosely based on Joseph Conrad's ‘Heart of Darkness’, which is interpreted in subtle hints, while it discreetly satirises the contemporary technological and image-fetishistic media landscape. In her latest work, a rain of computer eyes focuses on a digital culture, where the face is compared with a selfie and where our relationship with our body and the world is undergoing significant changes. ‘Mother of Monsters’ is a neon-lit crystal ball, which gives technology a past – and possibly catches a glimpse of its future.“ (CPH:DOX)

‘Mother of Monsters’ was shortlisted for CPH:DOX and Kurtzfilmtage Winterhur.

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Video / Sound / 06:39 min / MP4 / 2015

Limited Edition of 10

Available Edition 1 of 10 — Price Upon Request

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