Micehead by Ivo Aichenbaum

Micehead by Ivo Aichenbaum

In September 2011, after finishing his cinema studies and after the end of an relationship in Buenos Aires, Ivo Aichenbaum decides to return to Rio Gallegos, the village where he grew up, with the prospect of getting a job and earn some money. The day before the trip receives the news of the suicide of a friend. “Head mouse“ is the diary that chronicles, the failure of the return trip. The approach to the story is both as foreign and as a local, it is an imaginary travel diary of death and apocalypse, the politics, and the effective history of the settlement.

The answers that Ivo responses to this question is a triple requiem, one for Pablo, the drummer of the protagonist’s Black Metal band in high school, the one of the first political reference in Patagonia: Néstor Kirchner, the late argentine president, and the city itself at the filmmaker's heart.

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Video / 01:07:00 min / 2013

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