LOVE CANAL by Elsa Brès

LOVE CANAL by Elsa Brès

300 million years ago, the north of France was a wetland. 140 years ago, a canal is dug and never filled with water. One day, vagabonds decide to go down an invisible river and pick on the way débris of a world to start a new one.

« I accompany the explorers of “Love Canal”, the film by Elsa Brès, I follow their wandering inside an abandoned canal (but is the earth abandoned? Can the earth be alone?). It is a journey into the land of abysses that we go on with Elsa Brès, and the quest to gather the mineral debris of an untilled world is about founding a new relation (for the world exists only through the relation we have with it).

Do samples form a story? The gesture motivating the minimal prospecting pursued in the film does not send us on to a new enigma: we come across the ruin of a car, a shattered smartphone that anticipates and embodies all the breakages at work here, the one that technology inflicts on rocks, on stones, on the world itself, whose matter is crumbling, dissolving and melting, until it turns into a hole, a hole we leap into to enter the dark.

The little community of human beings that seek this future by plunging ever deeper in the division of being, in the fragmentation of the “physis”, seems to open onto a limitless transmission, the one that makes bits of earth go from one hand to another, the one that discovers and brings to birth and, in watching over matter, entrusts us with its metamorphosis. »

— Yannick Haenel

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HD Video / 17:58 min / 2017

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