Lenscapes #2 by Markus Oberndorfer

Lenscapes #2 by Markus Oberndorfer

For quite some time I have been asking myself: „What is happening to a spectator open-minded enough to plunge into an image. Willing enough to screen his or her own imaginary movie to an experience triggered by presented fragments of time and place, influenced by the prejudiced viewers own experiences, and the surrounding it is presented in that is not only influenced by the visual, but also the sound.“

„Lenscapes 02“ is „an imaginary movie screening in front of my inner eye while enlarging a photo I took of the hotel room I have been living in during an artist residency in my darkroom.“

It is part of a correspondent installation that features photography (analog & digital), photofilm and sound. It reflects on the creative potential of each featured medium and their combinations based on research and philosophy. Thats where the project relates to the New Phenomenology of Hermann Schmitz, Lydia Nsiah’s investigations about actual and virtual movement in 'Hybrid: Fotofilm' and Steffen Kammler’s thoughts on the trace of the referent.

The sound piece has been made by Oberndorfer on site reflecting a certain vibe he found himself in at that time. It is etched into a primarily visual medium, a postcard, and the viewer has the possibility to listen to it in the installation on a turntable while also looking at the photograph of the room and the installation.

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HD Video / 02:58 min / 2011

Limited Edition of 5 + 2 AP

Available Edition 1 of 5 — Price Upon Request

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