Video Atlas by Gonzalo Aguirre
Tiempo libre (un episodio en la vida de Enrique Pradenas) by Gonzalo Aguirre
Lente máscara by Gonzalo Aguirre
Video Papel: subversión de archivos audiovisuales de dominio publico by Gonzalo Aguirre
Un animal sin importancia by Gonzalo Aguirre
Micehead by Ivo Aichenbaum
Formosa by Ivo Aichenbaum
The automatic part by Ivo Aichenbaum
In Virtual Return You (can’t) Dehaunt 於虛擬的彼岸 迴魂(不)散 by Yarli Allison
Wrestling Blues 藍調摔角場 by Yarli Allison
Sea Chicken – A short memoir on “Immigration Tide” by Yarli Allison
Palette by Ankita Anand
Deptford Market by Ankita Anand
00II by Ankita Anand
000 by Ankita Anand
Parque Temático by Vasco Araújo
Whale by Josefin Arnell
Mental Hunt/Running by Josefin Arnell
Mothership goes to Brazil by Josefin Arnell
Park by Josefin Arnell
Mvseo Della Civiltà by Luca Asta
Security Blankets by Luca Asta
Image Sharing number 3 by Jon Baker
Skull Fucker by Jon Baker
Les enfants de Val d’Europe by Marion Balac
Political Film (YouTube Series Num.3) by Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Revolutionary Speeches (YouTube Series Num.2) by Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Against Cinema by Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Masculine and Feminine (YouTube Series Num.1) by Alberto Cabrera Bernal
Feeling Felt Episode 1: Are you real? by Sarah Bernauer
Feeling Felt Episode 2: Close-up by Sarah Bernauer
Milky Ways by Sarah Bernauer
Tortilla Wall, Walls of Separation Project by Mirelle Borra
West Bank Wall, Walls of Separation Project by Mirelle Borra
The One That Got Away by Mirelle Borra
Somewhere in Between by Mirelle Borra
Safe Space by Mirelle Borra
Was machst Du hier? by Mirelle Borra
Love Canal by Elsa Brès
Stella 50.4N1.5E by Elsa Brès
A Commitment by Hazel Brill
Lindisfarne One One by Matthew Burdis
The Idealist and The Contrarian #4 #7 #9 by Jon Baker and Matthew Burdis
Second by Matthew Burdis
The Photocopier Who Fell in Love with Me by Rosie Carr
House spiders by Rosie Carr
The Fall and the British Museum by Rosie Carr
The Waste Management Experience by Rosie Carr
Untitled (Kiesler Chair) by Rosie Carr
Bacteria and Yeast by Rosie Carr
Reunion by edua restrepo castaño
Doctrina by edua restrepo castaño
Sighting by edua restrepo castaño
Fuente by edua restrepo castaño
Regreso by edua restrepo castaño
Int. Landscapes by Daniel & Clara
Revisiting by Daniel & Clara
Protection by Leah Clements
Only Human by Benjie Cluness
Tamagotchi Made Me Hardcore by Benjie Cluness
No Wall is Ever Silent by collectif_fact
Construction Lines by Max Colson
The Green and Pleasant Land by Max Colson
Supreme by Maud Craigie
Volva by Edouard Decam
You Me and It by Anita Delaney
Tissue by Anita Delaney
The Cusp of Your Credenza by Anita Delaney
A Rat Biting Another Rat by Anita Delaney
Storming the Park by Amy Dickson
I|Sea|Land by Amy Dickson
The Architects with Shunt Collective by Susanne Dietz
Bunker on Kummerstraße [Grief Street] by Susanne Dietz
Multiple Choice by Susanne Dietz
Bandsalat Themes by Susanne Dietz
The Moon isn’t Real by Ollie Dook
Reflections on a Visit V2 by Ollie Dook
The sea wrinkles too by Rosa Doornenbal
A gentle push won’t hurt by Rosa Doornenbal
Oh J. by Rosa Doornenbal
Dat Likwid Land by Jacob Dwyer
Troy by Jacob Dwyer
Donovan Garcia by Jacob Dwyer
Surface Glaze by Lotte Meret Effinger
Supernature by Lotte Meret Effinger
Decoding The Mysteries of Antarctica (The Whole Truth) by Karin Ferrari
Decoding Katy Perry’s Dark Horse (The Whole Truth) by Karin Ferrari
Decoding Austria’s News (The Whole Truth) by Karin Ferrari
The Fruit is There to be Eaten by Michelle Williams Gamaker
House of Women by Michelle Williams Gamaker
Encore (Resurrection Manifestations) by Michelle Williams Gamaker
Legacy Wharf by Tessa Garland
East Village by Tessa Garland
Glimpsey by Tessa Garland
Pulsation by Pieter Geenen
Nocturne by Pieter Geenen
Mirador by Pieter Geenen
Relocation by Pieter Geenen
Atlantis by Pieter Geenen
Home by Pieter Geenen
The Nation by Pieter Geenen
The Land by Pieter Geenen
SeDUCKtion by Rosie Gibbens
Echo Eliza Alexa by Stefani Glauber
Small Wonders by Katie Goodwin
Kaamos by Katie Goodwin
Keep Frozen part zero by Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir
Material Puffin by Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir
Delete by Anne Haaning
v.xx (Dyslexic Odin) by Anne Haaning
KhoiSan Medicine by Anne Haaning
Mother of Monsters by Anne Haaning
How to Other by Anne Haaning
Sometimes in the night I lose my mind by Rafael Guendelman Hales
Two radishes is too much for one family by Rafael Guendelman Hales
The Old dad and the Old mom by Rafael Guendelman Hales
Neon Rendezvous London by Julian Hand
Erosion – Inter Change of State by Julian Hand
The Oscillation ‘From Tomorrow’ by Julian Hand
Skip by Katie Hare
Micro Events by Britt Hatzius
As Never Before As Never Again by Britt Hatzius
Blind Cinema by Britt Hatzius
In Order Not To Be There by Britt Hatzius
Circling Roads by Winnie Herbstein
Screw us and we will multiply by Winnie Herbstein
Principle of Inertia by Ibai Hernandorena
Lucio by Ibai Hernandorena
Usages of Times by Ibai Hernandorena
Tha-at’s right by Rowland Hill
Poem by Maja Hodoscek
The Lesson by Maja Hodoscek
Membranes by Sophie Hoyle
Inner Security by Sophie Hoyle
Permastress by Sophie Hoyle
Chronica by Sophie Hoyle
Sick, blue sea by Lizzy Rose
The Confrontation by Sabina Jacobsson
The Collectors by Sabina Jacobsson
Hope it finds you well by Milda Januševičiūtė
Waffle Window (iPhone 7 Plus) by Jamie Jenkinson
Coastal with Ciara (iPhone 7 Plus) by Jamie Jenkinson
Crab Apple (iPhone 7 Plus) by Jamie Jenkinson
Midges (iPhone 7 Plus) by Jamie Jenkinson
Welcome by Mati Jhurry
Media Blackout III by Deniz Johns
Media Blackout I by Deniz Johns
She was always depicted running to the left with bent knees by Evi Kalogiropoulou
Neighbors by Evi Kalogiropoulou
The squad by Luciana Kaplun
Gilda by Luciana Kaplun
Who is Atallah Abdul Rahman el Shaul? by Luciana Kaplun
Ella La Telenovela by Luciana Kaplun
Blackness by Kengy
Everyday dna by Julia König
Schimogenesis by Mariken Kramer
Epona’s Well by Karen Kramer
Patterns of Inclusion by Mariken Kramer
Limulus by Karen Kramer
The Eye That Articulates Belongs on Land by Karen Kramer
Déploiements (Deployments) by Stéphanie Lagarde
Rocky tales of occupation by Stéphanie Lagarde
Heim by Claudia Larcher
Self by Claudia Larcher
Cyclorama by Claudia Larcher
Noise above our heads by Claudia Larcher
Staying with the trouble by Alyona Larionova
Across Lips by Alyona Larionova
Silent Routes by Gabrielle Le Bayon
Athena’s Gaze by Gabrielle Le Bayon
Return by Gabrielle Le Bayon
I found manna and I ate it by Sophie Lee
Resonances by Kaja Leijon
Wasteland by Kaja Leijon
At the same Time by Kaja Leijon
Words are Angular Sharp Tenant by Rebecca Lennon
Hellmouth, Cats Paw, Landlord by Rebecca Lennon
The Gaze (Blicken) by April Lin 林森
R: Rest by April Lin 林森
< Digital Traces > by April Lin 林森
vision of the world through my eyes by April Lin 林森
Reality Fragment 160921 by April Lin
Now i close my eyes the world i see is so beautiful by April Lin
Agens by Lyoudmila Milanova & Steffi Lindner
Odd Wood Mom by Natasja Loutchko
Mental Spa by Natasja Loutchko
Mentally Deranged (Everything is fine) by Sky M.J.Carranza
Raperes CasaSan by Sky M.J.Carranza
A&T HSD Candy (Chat I) by Sky M.J.Carranza
Lacuna by Nina Mangalanayagam
We call her Pulle by Nina Mangalanayagam
Balancing Act by Nina Mangalanayagam
Meanwhile on Set… by Jennifer Martin
Play! by Lisa Matthys
Sabagiro by Lisa Matthys
Only Salt by Katie McFadden
This Mechanical Fluidity by Katie McFadden
Left Wanting More by Sam Mercer
Forever in a Day by Eden Mitsenmacher
dot dot dot by Eden Mitsenmacher
Loading by Eden Mitsenmacher
Myrmex by Elisabeth Molin
EixxxTabb by Karen Nikgol
Satyricon (Short) by Karen Nikgol
Empowerment by Karen Nikgol
#000035189 by Lydia Nsiah
Distortion by Lydia Nsiah
Revisited: Afterglow by Markus Oberndorfer
Revisited: Early Morning by Markus Oberndorfer
Untitled_in_case_01 by Markus Oberndorfer
Autrement on devient fou by Markus Oberndorfer
Lenscapes #2 by Markus Oberndorfer
The Day I Wasn’t There by Margarida Paiva
In Her Footsteps by Margarida Paiva
Every Story Is Imperfect by Margarida Paiva
Internal Library by Bongsu Park
Lethe by Bongsu Park
Lacia Ch’Io Pianga by Alia Pathan
Despair by Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Confluence by Benjamin & Stefan Ramírez Pérez
Octopuses are actually space aliens whose frozen eggs first came to Earth aboard an icy meteor by Jo Pester
Something good comes from repeated failures to communicate (Part 1) by Jo Pester
No Picture, No Glory or the Triumph of Apophenia by collectif_fact
Heaven Hell by Ralph Pritchard
Shouldr by Ralph Pritchard
Glitch Gazing by Maximilien Luc Proctor
Degrees of Freedom by Maximilien Luc Proctor
Thessaloniki by Maximilien Luc Proctor
I wonder why by Yafei Qi
Wearing the fog by Yafei Qi
“Fight, fight, fight back!” by Karolina Raczynsk
Skype Call by Karolina Raczynsk
Pusty Stan (Empty State) by Karolina Raczynsk
(art)work by Karolina Raczynsk
Death in Geological Time by Amanda Rice
The meaning of the wild by Lizzy Rose
My heart will go on by Lizzy Rose
Light Displacement by Meggy Rustamova
M.A.M. (My Assyrian Mother) by Meggy Rustamova
Invitation to the Voyage by Meggy Rustamova
Muted Fanfare for the Shy by Shirin Sabahi
Crop by Liddy Scheffknecht
Wipeout by Liddy Scheffknecht
The end by Liddy Scheffknecht
Desert Flower I by Sira-Zoé Schmid
The Yellow Shoe II by Sira-Zoé Schmid
The Yellow Shoe I by Sira-Zoé Schmid
Desert Flower II by Sira-Zoé Schmid
Happy Slapping by Sira-Zoé Schmid
Control season III Episode 5: The Povera Resistance by Liv Schulman
Control season III Episode 4: The New Arabic Cinema by Liv Schulman
Control season III Episode 6: The Relational Resistance by Liv Schulman
Control season III Episode 2: The Shamanic Resistance by Liv Schulman
Control season III Episode 1: The Cave Syndrome by Liv Schulman
Control season III Episode 3: The Taxi Resistance by Liv Schulman
Ideal Deficiency by Dagmar Schürrer
I Want To Be Like You by Dagmar Schürrer
Error Catastrophe by Daniel Shanken
Vals by Daniel Shanken
Common Descent by Daniel Shanken
Tattered Rocks by Abigail Sidebotham
Her Name is Herman by Abigail Sidebotham
Auditorium by Abigail Sidebotham
Hüzün by Şirin Şimşek
Matchpoint by Şirin Şimşek
Biographies of Objects by Natalia Skobeeva
Non Deus Ex Machina by Kristian Skylstad & Hans Skovholt
Violence of Silence by Kristian Skylstad
The Photographer by Kristian Skylstad
Mallory by Kristian Skylstad
Orion Debacle by Vanja Smiljanić
The Post-Material-Antiquarian by Rustan Söderling
Eternal September by Rustan Söderling
Tannhäuser Gate (not really now not anymore) by Rustan Söderling
SandyMouth by Rustan Söderling
Go To Pluto by Heena Song
Entropy by Heena Song
The Image that Spits, the Eye that Accumulates by Rhea Storr
Wyrd by David Spraggs
Soft Anonymity by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis
Dita by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis
I am eager to see I am eager to see how you look on the outside cause you look so pretty on the inside by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis
Casting silence by Karolina Stellaki
The passage by Karolina Stellaki
The Future Stands Still, But We Move In Infinite Space by Andrew Amorim
A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message by Rhea Storr
Junkanoo Talk by Rhea Storr
AAA Cargo by Solveig Suess
In Space There Is No Up Or Down by Chooc Ly Tan
Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-) Alienation by Chooc Ly Tan
New Materials in the Reading of the World by Chooc Ly Tan
Cowboy Ham & Eggs by Jared Theis
The Seasons by Jared Theis
Lolita in the Grass by Jared Theis
Quicksilver Daydreams by Jared Theis
Wrong then, wrong today by Katie Hare
Why can’t you just see me? by Eleni Tomadaki
Hunger by Eleni Tomadaki
The Chair by Eleni Tomadaki
You Are Mine by Eleni Tomadaki
Mum I’m Scurgry by Eleni Tomadaki
Solitary Ceremony by Viviana Troya
Who’s not waiting by Viviana Troya
Ship, Sea, Woman, what else by Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger
Bufo Bufo (aeons below) by Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger
Earth is Burning by Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger
Memento Mori by Tor Jørgen van Eijk
Infinite Monologue by Tor Jørgen van Eijk
Tranquil in RGB by Tor Jørgen van Eijk
Bad Gyal’s Talk by Clara Verdier
Dancing to evade identification II by Iria Vrettou
Swimming by Iria Vrettou
Trapped in a glaze like in fossilised amber by Finn Wagner
A Demonstration by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner
Bilateria by Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner
Redsky66 by Ruth Waters
Emotion Over Raisin by Ruth Waters
Atomic by Tyler Winther
Man in Crisis by Tyler Winther
Something must happen by Julia Zastava
In Vases by Julia Zastava
In my boyfriend’s mom suite by Julia Zastava
Triangles are my shape by Julia Zastava
The Kernel Process by Gary Zhexi Zhang
lacoste1 by Gary Zhexi Zhang