In Order Not To Be There by Britt Hatzius

In Order Not To Be There by Britt Hatzius

An audio and 16mm film performance installation for old cinemas, originally created for Paignton Picture House, Paignton, UK as part as part of The Tale commissioned by Situations and presented alongside artists Ingrid Fiksdal, Ellen Gallagher, Chris Watson.

The soundtrack was created in collaboration with children from local primary school (aged 9-11). Heard on headphones, the binaural sound recording playfully reflects on an illusion of presence: chatting amongst themselves about a cinema of the past, present and future, the children’s conversation shifts into an imagined virtual world, where the make-belief of this digital immersion meets the physicality of analogue film.

Direction / concept – Britt Hatzius
Starring – Brandon, Allanah, Rohan, Millian, Grace (Curledge Street Academy primary school, Paignton)
Sound recording / design – Jay Auburn (dBs Music)
Sound postproduction – Tugkan Mutlu

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HD Video / 13:00 min / 2017

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