Ideal Deficiency by Dagmar Schürrer

Ideal Deficiency by Dagmar Schürrer

Starting point for ‘Ideal Deficiency’ is the omnipresent striving for efficiency and optimisation in all ways of life. The text in the video mirrors these constant demands. But what happens, if an efficient system, designed to constantly flow, is interrupted? Dagmar Schürrer looks at ruptures and interferences and contrasts machine-like perfectionism and slickness with the vulnerability of the human body.

The for the artist typical combination of text and geometrical, fractured composition is complemented with the introduction of drawings. Delicate and static lines are added onto the moving image, on the one hand anchoring the multi-layered composition and on the other hand suggesting additional, hidden layers in the work. The work triggers an ambience of eerie doubt over technical and digital progress on the one hand, but at the same time emanates a strange feeling of pacification.

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Video / Sound / 06:46 min / Looped / 2016

Limited Edition of 8 + 2 AP

Available Edition 1 of 8 — Price Upon Request

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