HÜZÜN by Şirin Şimşek

HÜZÜN by Şirin Şimşek

Hüzün is a Turkish word expressing an emotion that cannot be readily captured in one word in another language. It is perhaps best described as a mixture of sadness and melancholy. The hüzün that Şimşek feels relates to distant home, that is not hers and from which she is becoming ever more detached. Motivated by the current political development in Turkey, the origin country of her parents, she made an attempt to try and reforge her links to this estranged home. 

HÜZÜN (2017) reflects the country’s current state of emergency. The abandoned hotel in an abandoned place gives the impression of being part of a ghost town. The hotel architecture contrasts sharply with the ruins. The atmosphere is one of constant threat and shows how a once blossoming tourist town almost comes to a complete standstill owing to a political development.

artwork info

HD Video / 12:30 min / 2017

Limited Edition of 6 + 2 AP

Available Edition 6 of 6 — Price Upon Request

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