hope it finds you well by Milda Januševičiūtė

hope it finds you well by Milda Januševičiūtė

Several researchers and clinical psychologists pointed out the problems associated with ‘false’ hope. Research points to three reasons why false hope is likely to occur: when expectations are based on illusions rather than reality; when inappropriate goals are pursued; and when poor strategies or methods are used to achieve the desired goals.

The film ‘hope it finds you well’ explores cultural and societal differences through the concepts of hope and faith and own personal experience, investigating how they inform philosophies and practices of healing. It is a research-based project, combining fields of sociology, visual anthropology, and auto-ethnographical artistic research. It ties broader sociological research with personal, complex psychological and bodily aspects of human experience. The film intricately couples scientific data with a poetic, intimate three stage narrative which ultimately discusses themes of hope, resilience, faith, the relationship between body and mind, as well as traditions of Western and ayurvedic healthcare.

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HD Video / 15:50 min / 2018

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