Heim by Claudia Larcher

Heim by Claudia Larcher

A sequence shot explores from attic to celler a large residence that, for the time being, is emptied out of its inhabitants. Their habits are betrayed by a multitude of details, as so many clues left for us to find, scrutinize, interpret or mark with our own groundless fears, fears that keep growing as we descend into ordinary hell. Our eyes cannot really grasp the cleverly mixed fixed and moving pictures, and this technical uncertainty is the very source of our anxiety: is it a mere villa we’re looking at, a crime scene, or a mausoleum of Austrian daily life? The entire gamut of a parochial idyll in the provinces is laid bare in Claudia Larcher's video animation, in the form of photos and moving images assembled into a seemingly endless pan shot. The audio track drones in the background, awaking something uncomfortable and sinister.

artwork info

HD Video / 11:40 min / 2008

Limited Edition of 7 + 1 AP

Available Edition 1 of 7 — Price Upon Request

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