Gilda by Luciana Kaplun

Gilda by Luciana Kaplun

For “Gilda,” Luciana Kaplun worked with Latin American foreign workers who clean Israeli homes and businesses for a living, including the CCA, The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

In the video, they exhibit strange behavior, such as fantasy or role-play in their usual places of work. One of the cleaners is shown vacuuming smoke from the CCA galleries. Another cleans the corporate offices of Haaretz newspaper, acting like a machine amongst other devices, and in addition to cleaning, she makes impromptu sculptures from office supplies. Other cleaners take on more risqué behavior, like doing a strip dance routine, or trying on their clients' clothes. Finally, another character is featured at the banquet hall in which she works, singing a famous Cumbia song by “sainted” Argentinean pop singer, Gilda.

The cleaners’ seemingly strange behavior might be explained by their connection to a fictional guild that congregates in a blue “temple” complete with candles. Beyond serving as a union and support network, the guild takes on pseudo-religious attributes akin to a cult inspired by pagan-catholic saint worship.

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HD Video / Sound / 13:28 min / 2014

Limited Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Available Edition 1 of 5 — Price Upon Request

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