Formosa by Ivo Aichenbaum

Formosa by Ivo Aichenbaum

A couple of directors filmed for 10 days, the journey of a group of young militants in Formosa, the most relegated province of Argentina. Students of the Union of Youth for Socialism, hold every year a meeting where workshops are held and they exchange experiences with farmers organizations and indigenous people. Rural population in Formosa is strongly affected by pesticide use due to the advancement of the soy crops, and in the last three years, 18 members of the Qom Han (an indigenous group of people) died at the hands of repressive forces. The meeting with and will lead to a space for discussion and learning, where life, politics and resistance combine between scenes of intimacy, rides, and conversations.

‘Formosa’ discusses with the militant cinema, positioning the viewer in situations and stories that circulate between art and the everyday struggle of these groups, offering a view about the nearby and distances that portray both the beauty and the harshness of life in this province.

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Video / 01:32:00 min / 2014

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