Forever in a Day by Eden Mitsenmacher

Forever in a Day by Eden Mitsenmacher

In the time of an information-overload, it can be difficult to attain to a certain method of working without distraction – time is becoming an evermore lucid term with the influx of the 24-hour working day and the obligation to be reachable at any time. Resisting the homogenisation of time is a difficult point to consider when we delve into contemporary accelerationism and posthastism, which maintains that things must get worse before they can get better. Nicholas Carr questioned how we can resist this need to be “on-call” with a series of rules, including tweeting about things that happened a month ago. But if contemporary accelerationism pushes towards a future that is more modern, by reverting to the past are we challenging the problem or simply allowing it to manifest itself in different ways?

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Video / 01:10 min / 2016

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