Fog World by Ruaidhri Ryan

Fog World by Ruaidhri Ryan

A car crash of a road movie.

A G-Wagon, a Viking, frost bitten GPS, an elf and a director who is lost in sub-zero temperatures. Navigating through simulation, cinema and death, FOG WORLD fails to become the film it was intended to be, instead chasing its own exhaust fumes, circumnavigating expectations derived from Hollywood, the tourist gaze and simulated reality.

Fog World, described as A car crash of a road film, takes its title from a virtual-reality game designed to test spatial-learning processes in developing cognitive maps, logging landmarks useful for navigation. The film is narrated by the artist, navigating its way through three acts of production; pre-production, production and post-production. The film addresses multiple iterations of itself described by the director as continually failing expectations of what a film could be, informed by ideas about other films.

— Elena López Riera

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HD Video / 22:00 min / 2019

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