“Fight, fight, fight back!” by Karolina Raczynsk

“Fight, fight, fight back!” by Karolina Raczynsk

The two makers of the film, one behind the camera (Deniz Johns) and the other behind the white board (Karolina Raczynski) are walking in and recording the student protest at Parliament Square on the 9th December 2010. The blank white board operates in two ways, firstly as a blank placard in the protest, denying a slogan but acting as a reflective screen and secondly as the video is projected on the same board as a live performance event, it becomes a vehicle to carry in the protest into the auditorium.

The viewer enters into a game of concealing and revealing, never seeing the woman behind the board or the woman behind the camera. Sometimes the white of the board fills the screen, and at other times the edges break off, revealing the events around. As the screen is filled with the white board the attention of the viewer focuses on the surrounding sounds and the voice of the students.

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HD Video / 03:00 min / 2010

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