East Village by Tessa Garland

East Village by Tessa Garland

A drone inhabited by the mind of a property developer arrives ‘top down’ from above and flies through the newly built residential neighbourhood in East London and gathers data at twilight. 
During the journey it maps the new utopian space it has built with its mechanical gaze, commenting and interacting with its findings, ‘We want to contain and retain our residents’. This is a place built in a bubble, controlled within the walls of developer’s billboards. Privately owned, East Village is awash with branding and reaffirming smiling faces. Purchase a luxury flat and buy into the services, life style and more. As the drone declares ‘Everything you need is here!’ With Westfield shopping mall on your doorstep, its ever present logo glowing like a beacon of hope, why would you ever want to leave?

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HD Video / 10:00 min / 2020

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