Delete by Anne Haaning

Delete by Anne Haaning

The work is a large video installation based on the interaction between two types of memory: the human and the digital. Through the work, the artist strives to create a situation in which the audience is physically and mentally caught in and made unsure of the transition between the subjective memory of human consciousness, and the objective storage of the digital. Materially, “Delete” unites the physical and the virtual, and in this way confronts the viewer with a hybrid form of memory that lies between the human and the digital.

The spinning chairs in the work are intended to provide an interactive counterpart to the traditional benches in exhibitions. For the audience, the chairs function as mobile devices of editing the video material, which incorporates a range of digital representations of the chairs.

These elements are used to bridge the concrete, defined space in which the work is installed with the intangible and infinite universe that unfolds in the projections.

“Delete” was Haaning’s first major solo show. It was installed in Kunsthal Charlottenborg in 2014.

artwork info

Dual screen video installation / 2 spinning chairs, 2 back projection screens / 9:50 min / MP4 / 2014

Limited Edition of 10

Available Edition 1 of 10 — Price Upon Request

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