DECODING Austria’s News (THE WHOLE TRUTH) by Karin Ferrari

DECODING Austria’s News (THE WHOLE TRUTH) by Karin Ferrari

The experimental docu-fiction “DECODING Austria’s News (THE WHOLE TRUTH)” reveals hidden messages in the opening credits of Austria’s main national television news broadcast Zeit im Bild.

The film is inspired by counter-cultural YouTube videos on the threshold of academic theory, political paranoia and speculative fiction. The narration of Ferrari’s film is based on the symbolic abstractions of the world globe and of time in the news’ opening graphics. The analysis claims that these images are representative of the respective dominant world view and Zeitgeist. In an experimental and unorthodox way, Ferrari’s analysis relates current topics of cultural and media theory to pop culture and fringe theories. “DECODING Austria’s News (THE WHOLE TRUTH)” was created with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture for the program Pixel, Bytes & Film of the Austrian national TV channel ORFIII.

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Experimental docu-fiction / Sound / 25:00 min / DCP HD / 16:9 / 2016

Limited Edition of 3

Available Edition 1 of 3 — Price Upon Request

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